About Us

Karen Boghos is a jewellery designer based in Lebanon. She grew up around jewellery in a family business that has been in the market for decades, making gold and precious stones a natural and essential part of her life.
After graduating with a Marketing degree, Karen went on to study jewellery design and diamond grading. She is a passionate jewellery expert and in 2017 set out to establish her own independent brand.

The Jewels

Her jewellery includes diamonds, colored stones and 18K gold. The jewellery line is diverse and full of unique pieces, made with extra fine finishing and great attention to detail.
At Karen Boghos, we like to believe that we help our clients reflect themselves in the jewellery they wear.

The Essence

As a personal jeweler, Karen takes the time to get to know her clients in order to to find the design that exactly matches their desires. She believes that jewelry is an extension of the wearer, embellishing their strength and self-confidence. These adornments are important in highlighting a person's style and individuality.
Karen's designs are for the woman that knows what she wants, and goes for it without hesitation. A woman who doesn't seek approval but rather sets her own standards, follows her own spirit and listens to the voice inside her and wears it proudly.
Karen is inspired by all the magic that is around her. In such on interconnected world, she draws on organic shapes and nature-inspired designs.
The lady in jewels should be her most authentic self, wearing a collection of jewelry that reflects this. These statement pieces are made for you. whether an everyday piece, or an object of glamour.

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+961 3 579 089

Armenia Street, Bourj Hammoud,
Beirut, Lebanon