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Wedding and bridal jewelry


Wedding and
Bridal Jewelry

Every girl dreams of the day that she walks down the aisle. She dreams about the person she will be joining in marriage, about starting her own family and she dreams of living a fairytale for the rest of her life. These are not the only things that she visualizes. From head to toe she thinks about each part in detail and most importantly, to complete her look, she fantasizes about the bridal jewelry: the ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace and even a tiara!
It is said that ‘the devil lies in the details’ and what could be a more important detail for a bride on her wedding day than the Jewelry that she wears?

The fact that the wedding day will remain forever in the mind and heart of a bride makes it essential that she looks her radiant best. From the wedding dress to shoes to the jewelry set, all details must complement each other to create the perfect look for her. As she walks down the aisle, she intends to stun the crowd and showcase how amazing she looks. At KB Jewelry we understand that any bride has one simple wish, and that is to look out of this world – Our main goal is happily design the Jewelry to make it so!

Wedding dresses and shoes can be chosen from any designer’s collection, but the Jewelry set is the one thing that the bride is able to personalize. The jewelry pieces that the bride wears can be used to portray her personality or tell the story about her love for her partner. Whether through the stone chosen or the shape of the piece itself, bridal jewelry is where the bride has absolute freedom in design and customization. The jewelry set that she will wear will not only be a part of wedding rituals or traditions that have been followed for centuries, it will also be a souvenir of one of her most important nights and appear in every single photograph taken that day. Well, not only limited to photographs; she will be wearing her wedding ring for the rest of her life!


The bride’s wedding day is a long one, and her Jewelry takes up a big chunk of it! Typically, in Lebanese weddings the groom’s family presents the Jewelry set or a piece of it as a gift to the bride when they arrive at her parents’ house in order to escort her to the wedding venue. Usually the bridal jewelry set is comprised of a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, and in some cases tiaras. Since wedding dresses are famously and traditionally white, the most elegant stone the bride can wear is the diamond. Whatever the bridal Jewelry piece, diamonds will make it look stunning. Attractive, simple, and an absolute classic, Diamonds easily live up to their name of being “a girl’s best friend”.

A flawless day requires a flawless look, and a flawless look requires flawless jewelry, and that is why it is vital to buy the bridal pieces from a reliable source which will guarantee the set’s authenticity and quality. A trusted source can help with picking out all the set’s pieces because any Jeweler, especially at one like KB, has a keen eye for pieces and knows which pieces complement each other and which stone would pair well with the bride’s outfit. At KB jewelry we do not want to only sell you your bridal Jewelry, we want to provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you will look stunning on your wedding day and make sure that all eyes are glued to you! We help you visualize the overall look and pick the pieces that make it as beautiful as can be. Not only that, but at KB we will also help you customize and produce new designs that that are meaningful and make your look even more sentimental.

Bridal jewelry sets can be passed down from generation to the next or kept as family heirlooms for many years. You can present a piece you purchased for your wedding as a gift for your daughter on her wedding day, which would be incredibly expressive and meaningful. However sometimes young brides do not like wearing old Jewelry because despite the sentimental value, the piece’s design may be slightly out of date. It is important to know that even if trends change over time, old stones and pieces can be remade and redesigned according to the wearer’s choice and preference. No jewelry should be wasted or left to go out of style, and at a skilled Jeweler like KB, any old piece can be transformed and modernized.


A bridal piece does not only hold an intrinsic value as a precious stone but also holds a deeply emotional and romantic value, especially to the bride. Because a piece of jewelry was worn by a bride on her wedding day, a sentimental bond is established. The bride will always hold that piece in special regard and it will always meaning – that sentimental value is much more valuable than the stone’s material worth.

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